Do I need a rental car in Iceland?

Do I need a rental car in Iceland?

Well if you are only staying in Iceland for a short time 1-4 days you could stay in Reykjavik city and take day tours with some bus company´s but having a rental car is the most popular option.

Having your own rental car gives you the freedom of going out and exploring the country on your own time and not being stuck with some bus tour schedule. Most of Iceland tourist attractions are very accessible from the main road with a regular rental car.

Parking is free in most places in Iceland except in downtown Reykjavik area. There are many parking garages in that area so finding parking is easy.

Traveling around Iceland is fairly easy not that much traffic except maybe in Reykjavik downtown area. Most of the main roads are going to be paved with single lane in each direction. Some of the main roads are gravel and that is why we include the Gravel Protection in all our rentals.

Some rest areas have been put up along the main roads and around the main tourist attractions and we would recommend renters to use them if they intend on stopping to take some photographs. For stopping on the main roads is not very safe for the roads can be narrow and do not have a lot of space to stop a car.


Most tourist that come to Iceland will have their own rental car and travel around on their own itinerary.

*We recommend all Iceland travelers that are planning their trip to check both what is included in the car rental prices and also the companys reviews online before making your booking.

Hope to see you in Iceland.

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